Water is one among the essential wants of life. It must be pure and safe for drinking because it impacts the health. This important supply of life is additionally the most effective solvent. Dissolving any substances is its ability. However this ability is fatal for health because it additionally dissolves pollutants and harmful chemicals in it. It’d  be a grave state of affairs if impure water is consumed.

Water is one of the essential wants of life. It must be pure and safe for drinking because it impacts the health. This important supply of life is additionally the most effective solvent. Dissolving any substances is its ability. However this ability is fatal for health because it additionally dissolves pollutants and harmful chemicals in it. It’d be a grave state of affairs if impure water is consumed.

Viruses, bacteria and harmful microorganisms in water destroy one’s health viciously. Such water might cause waterborne diseases. For preventing such health-related diseases, one needs the most effective Water purifier in India. Thus, this is often a requirement have appliance in your room.

Now, it’s additionally become troublesome to decide on the most effective Water purifier in India for creating the water safe. There are lots of makers within the business of water purification. Hence, several queries arise like that of them is best, that isn’t and that of the water purifier brands meet all the desired standards. Some makers even offer false assurances regarding the operating of water purifiers. Thus, it’s necessary to decide on solely the most effective water purifier so as to intake safe water.

There are several corporations that are established simply to scam individuals and sell them pretend Water purifier that don’t perform well. Such corporations not solely rob hard-earned cash from the customers However additionally play with the health of the customers. it’s necessary for the shoppers to examine water purifiers and purchase them from trusty brands.

A thorough analysis has been conducted for the readers in order that they might select among the most effective Water Purifiers in India. There are varied reasons for drinking filtered water. For filtered water, fashionable water purifying systems became necessary.

Necessity of Filtered water from Water Purifiers

For swimming pools, chlorinated water is sweet because it is one amongst the simplest ways in which to treat water. However chlorinated water is harmful to humans. The tap-water contains some quantity of halogen that has to be filtered out before drinking. Lead is one amongst the nephrotoxic substances found in water. it’s indicated by consultants that one amongst the most causes of learening disabilities in kids is lead. The filters of water purifier take away it. This helps in avoiding waterborne diseases.


By having a water purifier, one saves loads of cash as a result of there won’t be a need to shop for pricey drinking water. If one drinks drinking water daily, a large quantity of water bottles area unit thrown away. In spite of Those bottles being recycled, there’s still a strain on the atmosphere. Hence, by having a water purifier, one will cut back strain similarly as carbon footprint on the atmosphere and contribute towards a greener tomorrow.


As water purifier removes all the nephrotoxic contaminants, one’s family is protected well against varied forms of Cancer like carcinoma, bladder cancer, body parent cancer, carcinoma, etc. The substances gift within the water decay or rot overtime. This makes the water foul. Since purifiers filter such substances, there’s no likelihood of water obtaining foul.


Thus, the standard of water is preserved. Against duct issues, one encompasses a bigger protection since the filters of water purifier take away flagellated protozoan and cryptosporidium from the water. Diseases like amebiosis area unit prevented, thus the standard of life is maintained. Drinking filtered water can end in the right functioning of kidneys.


There area unit bound nitrates gift in water that area unit answerable for golf shot fetuses at a risk for birth defects like birth defect. Hence, pregnant ladies should consume clean water to deliver healthy babies and avoid their birth defects. So as to stay newborn babies safe and healthy, it’s necessary to produce the pure filtered water.

One will maintain a perfect weight by over whelming clean and pure water inadequate quantity. One doesn’t absorb an excessive amount of sugar and carbohydrates by drinking clean water. Over whelming a lot of filtered water could be a must-do factor for those plagued by fat.

Water is that the major element of the brain. Pristine water is sort of essential for assuaging headaches. Drinking unfiltered H2O might result in migraines. Studies say that drinking a cup of heat and clean water within the morning is useful for the body.

Freshwater is needed by the system to perform its functions. It ends up in improved metabolism and thus, wastes area unit with success expelled from the body. Those that area unit plagued by constipation, they’d positively expertise relief when in taking pure filtrated water. The conventional movement is additionally reconditioned by it.


An important role by water is maintaining the skin. Cleaner the water ,skin are softer, nails are healthier and hair can shine a lot of. All this can be attainable if halogen is eliminated from the water. Clean water reduces skin disease and varied diseases of the skin. Models and actors have a habit of continually potable so as to stay their skin healthy.


Water is extensively used for cookery food. Contaminants in unfiltered water are unit answerable for dynamical the style of  food. So, there’s a desire to separate the contaminants so as to fancy the healthy and attractive food. The water in homes has a bearing on the standard of air. If the water doesn’t contain halogen particles that combine with the air, then there’s no likelihood of obtaining any metabolic process diseases from the air.


Points to be thought-about whereas shopping for water purifier:


If you would like to shop for the most effective Water purifier for home, it’s crucial to have several factors in mind. It’s vital to understand concerning the sort of water one uses for drinking. One should confirm whether or not the water is soft or H2O. Water is obtained from the resources like lakes, rivers, fresh water gathering technique.


The municipality provides water. H2O is drawn from bore well that is largely underground water. Aresenic, halide and a few significant metals may be found in H2O.

1) One ought to think about the most effective Ro Water purifier if the sort of water is tough reception.

2) RO Water purifier isn’t needed just in case of sentimental water. Ultraviolet illumination Water purifier ought to be thought-about just in case of high water contamination level.

3)If your offer has each exhausting and extremely contaminated water, then RO+UV Water purifier is that the ideal possibility.

For domestic use, there are several makers providing water purifiers within the market. Every water purifier is meant in an exceeding thanks to purifying a selected water kind. One should have to be compelled to understand the sort of water convenience within the residential district. By doing this, one will select the water purifier supported the sort of water and contamination level.

Type of Water Type of Water Purifier
Hard Water with high contamination RO + UV Purifier
Hard Water with high contamination RO Purifier
Soft Water UV Purifier


1.Kent Grand 8-Litre Wall Mountable RO+UV+UF+TDS Water Purifier

disadvantages of RO water purifier

If one is searching for the most effective water purifier in India, then Kent is the best bet. Kent Grand is an Ro, UV, UF, and TDS, all-in-one water purifier that makes it a good work despite what kind of water purifier you’re searching for. it has a capability of eight liters that makes a decent water purifier for medium-large sized families. The double purification technology cleans all the impurities and makes positive that the water is 100% pure for drinking.


Here are some options that stand out regarding kent Ro water purifier :


Kent Grand is WQA, NSF, ISI and CE Certified. Hence, one are often undoubtedly assured that this product is powerfully tested and is marked up to its testing customary. Water that comes from totally different sources like tanks, bore wells and tap-water are often refined by Kent Grand. this can be the most effective RO  Water purifier in India 2018.

The material is robust and non-breakable. the fabric used is ABS food grade plastic that provides an additional layer of strength.

This water purifier is put in with UV lamp (11 watts) that deactivates micro-organisms from water, so creating it pure. The UV fail alarm, also as filter modification alarm, notifies the user to vary filters.

This model incorporates change Mode Power provide ( SMPS) that handles input AC voltage up to three hundred Volts. The membrane is prevented from obtaining tampered because it is spin-welded by employing a special technology.

There is no want for any manual intervention as Kent Grand is totally automatic.

Among the highest makers of tending merchandise within the world, Kent is additionally listed. The manufacturer provides free installation for this product. By victimisation double purification technology, Kent Grand doesn’t leave any scope for the residue of any of the impurities dissolved in water.

UF and UV technology ensures that the viruses and bacteria area unit completely killed. Contaminants like mud, cysts, and sand are destroyed. Sediment, Carbon Block Filter, UF & Post Carbon are the filter cartridges of this water purifier.

The Booster Pump Voltage is twenty four V DC. the ability consumption of Kent Grand is sixty Watt. the scale of this Water purifier area unit sixty.4 x four6 x twenty nine.3 cm. It weighs eleven.4 Kg. The Manufacturer provides a guaranty of six months on filters and one year on components.

)The process employed by Kent Grand makes the water appropriate for drinking by removing all impurities. There are probabilities of being diagnosed with waterborne diseases if one drinks such refined water reduces significantly.


2. Blue Star Aristo RO+UV 7 Litre Water Purifier

Although subshrub is comparatively new within the water apparatus department in Asian nation, the whole has worldwide recognition. The Aristo could be a trendy trying six-liter capability Ro water apparatus with a UV radiation filtration system.

It works on thirty six watts and operates effectively between 220-240 volts that is that the normal residential current in each home. The filter conjointly offers the ATB technology that’s to blame for boosting the style of the water. It’s multi-stage filtration with efficiency cleans ground and municipal water of impurities like sediments and dissolved chemicals.

But the most effective a part of this filter is that it offers you a decent vary of alert notifications. Aristo offers Purification-on indicator, associate degree alert alarm to point air mass, a UV radiation fail alarm and a full tank indicator. With numerous alter options you’ll ne’er miss to drink healthy and clean water anytime.

Let’s take a glance at what’s the subshrub Aristo offer us:

The Good

Latest technology RO+UV filtration
10-inch giant filter for effective cleansing
Child lock feature
Alerts and indicators
Free installation and one year warranty

The Bad

The installation takes 3-4 days from the time you get the product, that ’s a major wait.

Features like aqua taste Booster, low-pressure Alert, kid Lock Button,  7 Litres storage tank, UV Fail Alert and high purification capability of up to 12 litres/hour create blue star Aristo a purifier worth considering.


3. HUL Pureit Ultima RO+UV Water Purifier

pureit vs aquaguard vs kent

Pureit  Ultima from the India Unilever restricted is specially designed for Indian Homes and stands among one in every of the highest Ro water purifiers accessible straight away. The Pureit Ultima comes with a purity indicator therefore you’ll simply notice the purity levels within the water. This Water purifier comes with a Superior Digital Alert system, therefore you may get warnings a couple of days before the germkill Cartridge runs out of the juice.

This Water purifier comes with a Superior Digital Alert system, therefore you may get warnings a couple of days before the germkill Cartridge runs out of the juice.

The combination of Reverse diffusion and Ultraviolet Technologies within the Pureit Ultima will kill up to ten Million virus cells in one liter of water. This water purifier employs a six stage cleansing method to confirm safe water for your family. Pureit Ultima can even remove Total Dissolved salts within the water (2000 ppm)

Pureit  Ultima will take away Total Dissolved salts within the water (2000 ppm) and work with any quite water supply.

Advantages Disadvantages
10 litre tank appropriate for big Family Priced a touch on the upper facet
RO + ultraviolet light with TDS Controller There will be some water wastage
TDS Levels up to 2000ppm  
Works with all types of water sources  
100% Water passes through Ro  



4. Kent Maxx 7-Litre UV Water Purifier

Kent could be a household name once it involves water purifiers, there are such a large amount of variants to settle on from that makes it quite confusing for the buyer that is why we’ve listed the most effective Kent water purifiers during this post. Kent Ace Maxx could be a actinic ray water purifier that makes it a good match in spite of what sort of water purifier you’re searching for.

This water purifier is perfect for medium-sized families because it includes a smart capability of seven liters. The double purification technology cleans all the impurities and makes positive that the water is 100 percent pure for drinking. This shows USA that the merchandise is as per the standards set by the authorities. Kent maxx is capable of purifying water coming back from all sources because it incorporates a actinic ray technology.


ABS food grade plastic material employed in the producing of this water purifier makes it sturdy due its high strength.

This Kent water purifier comes with special filters. they are available with an alert feature that notifies the user to interchange them at the correct time.

This model will handle input AC voltage up to three hundred Volts because it incorporates a change Mode Power supply ( SMPS) . The build of the water purifier is durable as a result of it’s spin welded victimization the newest technology.

This will not build a dent on your pockets as a result of the facility consumption is on the lower facet. The multi pronged method makes it capable of providing you with fully pure water.

The installation is taken care by the closest service center which can be appointed. the merchandise is additionally coated by one year assurance for majority of the components.

Kent is among the highest makers of water purifiers. UF and actinic ray technology ensures that the viruses and bacterium are fully killed. Contaminants like mud, cysts, and sand are destroyed. Sediment, Carbon Block Filter, UF & Post Carbon are the filter cartridges of this water purifier.


5. Kent Ace Mineral 7L RO+UV+UF+TDS Control Water Purifier

Kent Ace Mineral is one of the most effective marketing Ro water purifiers in India. With it’s six Stage purification using Ro, UV and UF, this purifier from Kent is great for purifying water from all kinds of water sources like Municipal water, borewell/ground water, lakes or rivers.

The trust and client support of Kent, the foremost famous water purifier brand in India, including compact style, massive list of helpful options create and attractive value build it a good buying choice.

Kent Ace Mineral may be a nice product from Kent. The vi Stage purification with Sediment Filter, activated charcoal Filter, artificial language Membrane, UF Membrane, TDS Controller and UV removes all impurities in supply water. Kent Ace provides you pure and healthy water by maintaining all the essential minerals within the pure water.

Storage capability of seven litres and purification capability of up to fifteen litres is quite spare for average Indian family. Filter modification indicator and UV Fail alarm provide you with a warning beforehand and make sure that the water you drink is pure and healthy.

Advantages Disadvantages

Double purification with TDS management for purity style


Over priced


Purifies water extremely quick



Nice compact design


Handles long vary of voltage fluctuations  

1 year warranty + 3 years free service





6. Aquafresh Swift 15 ltr Mineral RO+UV+TDS Adjuster+UF Water Purifier

Aquafresh Swift Water purifier features a special technology referred to as the Mineral technology.

Double purification of Ro + UV + UF+ TDS Controller is provided by this technology. it has the function of removing dissolved impurities like salts and chemicals.


Essential natural minerals area unit maintained by the TDS controller. Hence, safe, tasty and 100% pure drinkable is provided by this water purifier for consumption.


This is the simplest Water purifier for home use. Aquafresh Swift acts as associate degree indicator that shows sublimate water level.


The design is an elegant one with a clear cover. For leakproof performance, it consists of push-fit parts.


The Ro and UV perform double purification in conjunction with TDS controller. This water purifier carries out a laptop controlled operation. UV fail alarm and filter change alarm assists during this function.


The dimensions of this water purifier area unit fifty x forty x seventy cm. It weighs 9.5 Kg.


7. Aquaguard Geneus RO+UV+UF 7L Water Purifier

best aquaguard water purifier in India 2018

Why is it Good?

Aquaguard Geneus uses a reliable seven stage purification exploitation Ro, UF and actinic radiation technologies. Aquaguard Geneus comes with a storage capability of seven litres and purification capability of up to fifteen litres/hour.

Aquaguard Geneus uses a wise technology referred to as ‘Tasteguard’ that mechanically senses the hardness and TDS levels of the input water then chooses the optimum purification method RO+UV or UV+UF mechanically. What this suggests is that the purifier mechanically check the TDS level of input water and if the TDS level is low then the water is pure exploitation UV+UF and if the TDS level is high then the water is pure exploitation RO+UV. This feature is totally wonderful and really helpful.

The water purifier mechanically stops purification once the cartridge wants replacement, associated to fulfill your water demand throughout the service amount this purifier provides an intelligent feature referred to as ‘Reserve Mode’.

There is a fanatical button for ‘Reserve mode’ extends the life of cartridge and allows you to dispense additional five hundred litres of water.

Why Buy Aquaguard Geneus?

Aquaguard Geneus additionally allows you to amendment the style and level of natural minerals within the sublimate water by merely victimization the up and down buttons on the console. The advanced sensors warn you once the purifier must be maintained or any of the cartridges needs replacement. real membrane sensing element offers you a warning if any duplicate membrane is fitted.


All the innovative options and sensible technology build this purifier a very nice purchase. aside from all the innovative options, Aquaguard Geneus additionally options a one of a kind style that appears radical fashionable and appears like a complicated device.

Expert Review

With such innovative features, extremist trendy style and sensible technology, this is often positively one in all the simplest water purifiers to shop for. To prime it all, this water purifier comes with the backup of a robust whole – Aquaguard. If you’re somebody World Health Organization perpetually appearance for the simplest while not watching the value then you ought to positively contemplate this purifier.


  • Suitable for any type of water
  • Adjust the purification process
  • Displays the water level in the storage tank
  • The taste modulator lets you set the taste as per preference
  • Highly attractive design


  • High maintenance
  • Price


8. Pureit Mineral Classic RO+UV Water Purifier

The 6 l HUL Pureit Mineral Classic Ro + UV is one in every of the most effective budget water purifiers in 2018. The Storage capability of the Pureit Mineral Classic is half dozen liters, and therefore the Ro + actinic radiation water purifier is a perfect selection for little and medium sized families.

The Ro Membrane during this water purifier will remove hard Metals and Dangerous salts from water that contain TDS levels as high as 1800ppm.

The Weight of the Pureit Classic is simply seven.3 kilo and might be simply mounted on your room wall. The Budget Ro actinic radiation Water purifier is formed of Food Safe and engineering-grade plastic, and there’s no probability for water discharge and dangerous odor

While the Reverse diffusion membrane removes dissolved salts, the UV Chamber makes sure the water is free from bacteria and virus. Also, there’s a Post-RO Carbon Filter for the further cleansing of water and adds minerals post purification to reinforce the style of water.


HUL additionally employs a sophisticated Voltage fluctuation guard within the Pureit Classic Ro actinic ray that protects the purifier from surprising voltage modification between one hundred sixty five and 280V.


9.Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Enhance 7-litre RO+UV+TDS Water Purifier

best Aquaguard water purifiers

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Enhance Water purifier comes with free installation and doesn’t even need any knowledgeable facilitate to put in it. The water purifier comes with a RO+UV water purification technology that produces positive that you just get the purest variety of water with all the specified minerals.


It comes with a large capability, of concerning 7 litres, that makes sure that you simply get a high quantity of water whereas maintaining its natural style. This water purifier from Eureka does wonders by keeping all the impurities out of the water, regardless of what supply it comes from. The compact area saver style makes it even a lot of engaging, because it may work anyplace in your room. different spectacular options of this water purifier embrace associate motor vehicle sensible fill feature that ensures that the water is mechanically refilled and thereby provides a relentless provide of potable.


It is quite convenient to use as this distinctive water purifier comes with none manual perform and is all automatic. This ensures that even the youngest members of your family will get pure water for themselves. apart from these extraordinary options, the corporate additionally offers an entire year of warrantee alongside the product to confirm complete customer satisfaction.